Revolutionizing Pre-Sale Home Renovations in Fairfax County VA

Don't Sell As-Is, Remodel Now and Pay at Closing

Return on Investment

Make more money from the sale of your home

No Upfront Cost

Get needed remodeling with NO upfront cost

No Pay Due Until After Closing

We renovate and will only accept payment AFTER your home has been successfully sold.
Our Projects

We Make the Market Come to You

Traditional methods are a thing of the past. We renovate and will only accept payment AFTER your home has been successfully sold. Additional costs that come up while we work? We’ve got you covered. Renovation has never been easier, and Remodel Free is the only company that offers this business model. After our work has been done, your home will sell at no equity loss. We’ll make the market come to you.

We take care of every aspect - You don’t need to lift a finger to help your property sell.

Masters of Improvement and Reliability

Here at Remodel Free, we’re invested in your success. As we make targeted improvements and make your home competitive on the market, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Our business model means we receive payment when you do — and we won’t ever encourage investment if it doesn’t work out for both you and us.  

Our track record of successful remodeling in the Fairfax & Springfield VA arena speaks for itself and buyers. We know how to appeal to the market, and we hope our work appeals to you.

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Pure Renovation — No Strings Attached

Our top priority is making your home’s transformation and renovation as easy as possible. Our business model is structured around homeowner accessibility, and we ensure that throughout our renovation process, communication is never less than crystal clear. We’ll give you a complete renovation without taking a dime until your home sells.

Our team of licensed and professional Class A contractors, will quickly repair and renovate your home, kitchen or bathroom, with precision and perfection.

Let us take your home and make it a "Top Shelf Property."

True Experts in Pre-Sale Renovation | Based in Fairfax VA

We've successfully completed over 180 remodeling projects and counting for our clients throughout Northern VA, Maryland, and DC Metro.  We're currently finishing up projects in Centreville, Springfield/Franconia, and Fairfax. (updated 16APR2019)

Get Your Asking Price and More

You'll be our next satisfied client, knowing that your home will be worth exactly your asking price and more.  We have the total home renovation solution for you.

Help with Attorneys and Foreclosures

Our team of experts cover an array of not only home remodeling and renovation services, but also assist with attorney fees and avoiding foreclosure if so needed.

Homeowners, Beware of False Prophets

No other company on the planet has been at this business model for as long as we have.  We send our top experts to give you a true estimate on what it'll take to sell your home with peace of mind that you'll never regret.  

Let Remodel Free Save the Day

We are at the cutting edge of Pre-Sale Home Renovation in Virginia, DC, and Maryland (coming soon 2019) . Our teams stay ahead of the market and are analysts know what sells fast. 

Remodel Free knows many of our clients are in serious need of quick response rescue attempt.  We have saved many homeowners from trouble with foreclosure, missed mortgage payments and daunting attorney's fees. 

Let us save your home and your equity and get your property approved for a true Remodel Free VICTORY!

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We Offer Professional Consultation For Free

Let's Schedule a Consulation with Your Client


Our Promise and Values

We believe that an honest approach in business with no small print in a contract is the way to do business. Our pricing is very straightforward and designed to make everyone more money on the sale of the home.

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