How it all works

It starts by our team assessing the condition and current value of your property. Our team consists of the most skilled of realtors, a sought after decorator and stager, and a Class A contractor with a proven track record of remodeling homes that sell quickly and for a much better price than expected in any market. Our average time to contract after listing is less than a week.

It’s important to know, that unfortunately, we don’t accept everyone as a client for the special program we offer.

We will, however, consider all properties as a possibility and appreciate the opportunity to meet with you or your family and see if your home is a good match for our program. Larger remodels as well as small remodels are all considered and often accepted into our program.

If you’re looking to make more money on the sale of your home and not spend one dime out of your pocket ahead of the sale to remodel it, then we’re the perfect team of professionals to make that happen. If you already have a realtor and a decorator/stager, we can work with them instead of ours. Our team, however, is well established and respected as one of the best in the entire region. We are a group that gives you quick and rewarding results, without any initial investment. There are no “smoke and mirrors” with our company. Everything in our contract describes exactly how our system works and when we get paid for providing our services.

You can also expect to sell your house quicker because it looks like a model home, rather than a rusty nail. The typical complete house makeover generally takes 2-4 weeks to complete. If your house only needs certain items fixed and updated, it can often be done within 1-2 weeks.

Please call us or fill out our contact form and we’d be happy to set up an on site review and estimate appointment.