Real Estate Comps: What should your selling price be? What COULD it be with Remodel Free?

You hear it all the time... Real Estate Comps.  Learning about real estate comps (comparables) in your area is a critical aspect in determining an educated assessment of just how much your property will sell for.  Knowing about what sells in Fairfax & Loudoun county is what we do all the time.

Not just comparing "SOLD" prices.

Knowing what your selling price should be more than just comparing recently sold properties like yours.  You'll want to know why they sold high, or why they sold low.  Why did they sit on the market so long?  Were the properties remodeled?  Did they use outdated or quirky colors in their painting, if they even painted at all?  Our team works with you to consider the big picture, with not only what can be captured in a statistical graphic, but also a real contractors approach, with a decorators touch!

Real Estate Comps Fairfax, VA / Northern VA

Many realtors will provide their potential clients with a current CMA (Current Market Analysis) determined by their research on the MLS.  Knowing this information can determine just how much your home might sell for.   Remodel Free works with all realtors, and sellers of any property, any condition.

If you're a realtor and want bring along Remodel Free as part of your team, give us a heads up by filling out this form if you've already finished a rough CMA on your clients property.

At Remodel Free, we fully understand the current market analysis and work with top-notch realtors constantly to stay on top of the market condition with a solid understanding and in-depth analysis of real estate comps in preparation to listing your property for sale.

Our team ensures good relationships with our industry partners to ensure mutual respect and timeliness of getting your home to a ratified contract.  Bring Remodel Free to your next client visit to see if they will qualify for our special, no money up front program And remember, you don't have to pay us a dime until your property sells*!

real estate comps fairfax va

Well maintained yard with landscaping, some new and some mature trees, helps ensure you're home will sell at the top of the market.
real estate comps fairfax va

This room was completely destroyed, but after Remodel Free it has a definite "top of the market" feel.

*Remodel Free does not receive payment for work completed until the actual closing of the property OR six months (whichever comes first) from the official work start date as listed in the Remodel Free contract.