Pre-Sale Home / Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling | Herndon, Reston, & Loudoun County

We specialize in Pre-Sale Home Remodeling for all Kitchen Bathroom Remodeling Herndon VA.

Listen, don't sell as is with your home looking like it does in the current condition.  You can make your kitchen & bathroom pics stand out on your listing to bring in future homebuyers to check out just how great your newly remodeled property can be.  At Remodel Free, we differ in our approach.

We don't just do some remodeling, we provide a total home improvement approach, with absolutely no money up front.  We've got our contractors ready to give you a free estimate and analysis on bringing your home, any condition to top of the market.

Before you list, let Remodel Free take a look at your property to upgrade your home to attract over 80% of the any potential buyer.  Our designs and strategic approach are cutting down sell times immensely.

We currently average 3-4 days to ratified contract.   If you are a realtor in Herndon, VA and looking to increase the value of your client's Herndon home by updating the Kitchen, Bathroom and whatever else needs touching up, contact Remodel Free today, the creators of this business model to bring you a huge Return on Investment.

Take a look at our HGTV commercial for another look at our business.