Accessible Bathroom Remodeling

A universal design in a bathroom means that it can accommodate people from all ages and abilities. You can achieve this by sometimes just doing the modest changes. You can achieve a spa feel and luxurious bathroom with a universal design bathroom. You just have to have effortful planning and a creative and understanding contractor such as Remodel Free, Inc. You can care for a loved one in the home and/or be able to stay in your own home with an accessible bathroom. Most people feel that this is the best option for them.

Click on the gallery to see some of our design solutions for accessible bathrooms:

Here are some of the key features of an accessible bathroom remodeling project:

  • An open floor design. No doors, no thresholds, wider doorways.
  • A curbless shower. This shower will have no slop to the drain, or lip at the door. This requires professional and an experienced contractor such as Remodel Free, Inc. This is due to the shower pan or floor is typically below floor level.
  • Grab bars. It is best to reinforce the bathroom walls during remodeling to take these loads day to day.
  • Shower bench and handheld shower and/or a step-in bathtub..
  • Wall-mounted sink..
  • Lever handles and faucets or handle-less faucets.

For people with specific disabilities or in wheelchairs, they will need to make additional design considerations. For these design choices you should consult with a healthcare provider such as a physical therapist, rehabilitative therapist, or an accessibility specialist. For your free consultation about your accessible bathroom needs, call Remodel Free, Inc.

There are additional design considerations for people in wheelchairs and specific disabilities. You may need to consult with an accessibility specialist, physical therapist, or rehabilitative therapist on some of the design choices you need to make.

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